There are many facets to Machine Learning. As I started brushing up on the subject, I came across various “cheat sheets” that compactly listed all the key points I needed to know for a given topic. Eventually, I compiled over 20 Machine Learning-related cheat sheets. Some I reference frequently and…

What is CIFAR-10?

CIFAR-10 means Canadian Institute For Advanced is a collection of images that are commonly used to train machine learning and computer vision algorithms. It is one of the most widely used datasets for machine learning research. The CIFAR-10 dataset contains 60,000 32x32 color images in 10 different classes. The…

In this Blog we will analyze the Insurance Data set for charges applicable for the individual depending upon certain parameters.


Insurance is a means of protection.Insurance is of many types like Health Insurance,Vehicle Insurance,Phone is something that people buy to protect themselves from losing money.Today we are looking forward…

PYTORCH is one of the library is TensorFlow and it is considered an open-source software library that is used for machine learning across different tasks. Now a days it is important to build models in using Deep Learning.

TENSORFLOW is useful in Classification, Perception, Understanding, Discovering, Prediction and Creation of several Neural Networks of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • What is PyTorch?

PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library for Python, based on Torch,it is used for applications such as natural language processing. It is primarily developed by Facebook’s artificial-intelligence research is also a library for tensors.its used in both CPU and GPU.

  • What is Tensors?

Tensors can…

This blog is written on to check the accuracy of the ipums data set to get 100% by using different Machine Learning Algorithms.

What the data set is about?

  • IPUMS means Integrated Public Use Micro data Series.
  • IPUMS is the world’s largest individual-level population database.
  • IPUMS consists of micro data samples from United States (IPUMS-USA) and international (IPUMS-International) census records, as well as data from U.S. and international surveys.
  • IPUMS-International distributes integrated micro data of individuals and households only…

“The Natural Language Processing helps in the machine read text and simulate the human ability to understand the emotion.”

It is used for detecting the customers opinion towards a product or service etc.

From the previous blog, we understood how to scrap the data of customer reviews from the Amazon…

Let’s see some different algorithm which frequently used for the Unsupervised learning is K-Means Clustering and Dimensionality reduction.

K-Means Clustering:

In this algorithm, the input variables are is the iteration process done frequently till the clusters are correctly mapped.

K-Means Clustering

From the above diagram, we randomly considered any 5 points from all…

In the previous blog i have discussed about the Kernel trick.if you didn’t see go through it once.Refer the below link

In this,i will tell about SVM(Support Vector Machines).

In Support Vector Machine,we first do the kernel trick as mentioned in before blog and divide the plane along with…

In this blog i’m going to explain one of the model in machine Learning which i learn today….

what is kernel trick?

The data in the “lower level dimensional space” is “non linear” in nature and this data is projected into “higher dimensional” space to “linear” to do the classification.

Example of Kernel Trick

Today Let us discuss about “what is web scraping?”

Web scraping is all about getting all the information of reviews or ratings of certain products or services from different sides.we can also scrap the comments, likes,dislikes of social media posts.

Now in this blog I will show you how I scrape the reviews of the product from amazon


Sri Dedeepya Nandamuri

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